Monday, September 21, 2009

Random Question of the Day: Attraction Edition

Why do people seem to be more attracted to someone who is involved in a relationship, as opposed to someone who's single?

Bonus: If a person cheats on their significant other with you, would you want a relationship to come out of it, knowing that person has been unfaithful?


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  1. People seem to be more attracted to people who are in relationships because most people love a CHALLENGE. The thought of someone being unattainable is attractive to some people. When you see something you cannot have it makes you want it that much more. In some ways knowing they’re in an actual relationship is a sanity stamp. When people are not involved some often wonder why they are single? Secretly imposing there may be something wrong with that person since no one has chosen to be exclusive with him/her. Males tend to be attracted to females with boyfriends because in most cases it means they don’t have to do as much to please the female (outside of the bedroom of course). This allows them not to be tied down and fulfils the male dream of being able to HAVE THEIR CAKE AND EAT IT. Someone already in a relationship cannot complain about another doing dirt. It’s the Boyfriend #2 effect. Women don’t REALLY want to date guys in relationships, but sometimes do out of jealousy or envy. They see what the guy has done for their woman and want to wear that woman’s SHOES. 88% of the time it’s all financial (shopping sprees, lavish vacations, condos, cars, and the list goes on) but the other 12% is romance. Women love to be wined and dined, given flowers, cards, etc… If a woman witnesses a guy doing something nice to or for his woman, females immediately become envious and go after that guy simply because they don’t have anyone at home or their significant other lacks those generous gestures. It’s just a devious world but 99% of the time the woman wants the man to leave his INITIAL girlfriend/wife to be with her because the jealousy drives her insane.

    BONUS Question: I believe it depends on the situation, and what one would consider cheating. If the cheating is actual physical contact (kissing, fondling, sexual intercourse, oral…) then NO I probably would not trust that person enough to begin a relationship with them. Nine out of 10 times if they did it to the last person they WILL do it to you. However if it’s an emotional attraction, I don’t think the action should be excused but while we are in relationships with others, shouldn't we still be allowed to have friends? Assuming we are under 30, and NOT married, is it NOT ok to network, build relationships with people and have a good time? As long as the person conducts themselves in a respectful manor why not consider starting a new chapter of your life with this person AFTER they have CLOSED their last chapter? I believe something amazing could stem from this because the two of you have started off as friends which is always best and the duo should have no secrets since the past has been on the table from the beginning.