Friday, September 11, 2009

Recognition: Dick Vitale

Most people, myself included, are familiar with Dick Vitale more for his booming voice than his noble deeds. What he did for a Florida family recently, might change how you look at him.

17-year Jasmine Thompson, a Bayshore High cheerleader was riding in a car with her friends after a football game. An 18 year old man walked up to the car and tried to solicit the girls for sexual favors. After he was told no, the young man turned to walk away, and in an instant, turned back around and shot up the car. Jasmine Thompson, a senior, died before she could get to a hospital.

Dick Vitale read this tragic story in a local newspaper. While reading the paper, he also read that Jasmine's mother and family could not afford funeral services or a cemetery plot and would require charitable contributions to pay for everything. With the State of Florida offering to pay for the funeral services, Vitale has come forward and offered to pay for a cemetery plot.

In addition to helping to pay for the cemetery plot, Vitale also plans to start a scholarship program in the names of Jasmine Thompson, and Dejuan Williams, another student from Bayshore High who was killed earlier this year.

For a celebrity to do something charitable is one thing. But to do something for people you don't know, just because they need it, is truly a blessing. Shout out to Dicky V.


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