Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Show Some Respect!!!

From Kindergarten to 6th Grade my classes in school were told to stand up and say the pledge of allegiance before each school day started. The entire class would stand and repeat the words "I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United States of America."

This country has never been totally united, but the division these days resides in uncharted territory. We're divided, not on political party affiliation, religion, socioeconomic status, or any of the norm. Since President Obama took office, this country has been split on whether or not its citizens will support an African-American President. The nationally broadcasted speech that President Obama gave in front of students at Wakefield High School proved how blatantly obvious it is that so many people in this country are not willing to do so.

Conservatives and "concerned" parents looking to mask their bigotry behind political references, have been convinced that Obama would use this speech to talk about his political agenda. People said Obama's speech was comparable to communism, and he was trying to brainwash children with his socialist propaganda. "Concerned" parents and teachers called for the speech not to be shown, some parents removed their children from school and some faculty refused to show the speech in their classrooms. All of this prior to anyone having actually seen or heard the speech.

To think, all the President wanted to do was greet students for the new school year and encourage them to do their absolute best in school. Athletes and entertainers, many of whom either left school early or cheated their way to maintaining the minimum academic eligibility, go to schools every day and speak to students about the importance of education. None of them have been accused of being part of the occult. Why does the President get ridiculed? Have we become so divided that the current leader of the country is accused of domestic terrorism for wanting to speak to the future leaders of the country?

This is the PRESIDENT!! His position alone makes him the most influential person in the country. Who better to stress academic excellence than someone who excelled academically? Foolish of him to think he might get some damned respect and support from the same "concerned" parents and teachers who have seen this country fall to a 70% high school graduation rate, and a staggering 50% graduation rate within urban areas.

Somebody, somewhere, told a young Barack Obama he could be whatever he wanted to if he worked hard; even President of these United States of America. On Tuesday, President Obama delivered that same encouraging message to students across the nation. Imagine which future president didn't get to hear it because their parent thought that telling them to study hard and graduate was too much a part of a socialist political agenda.


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