Sunday, October 4, 2009

Goodbye BET J... Hello Centric

The battle for upwardly mobile, educated African-American television viewers has begun. BET has launched a new channel, Centric, that will replace their former alternative TV brand, BET J. Centric is described as a "24-hour entertainment network featuring the artists, music, series, movies and reality programming reflecting the lifestyle and sophistication of today’s African-American and multi-cultural adult". In essence, Centric will serve as a viable competitor for the market share that TV One has scooped up.

Centric will offer original programming, syndicated programming (Run's House is on right now, lol) and first run specials, including the 2009 Soul Train Awards. I think this channel should be a good look for the BET brand, but I have to say I would have liked to seen a major promotional push for the new media vehicle. I have been inundated with commercials for The Monique Show premiere (no shade) and yet not one promoting a new conscious and sophisticated multimedia option. I guess they figured the target demographic wasn't watching anyway. I will be checking out Centric and let you know what I think. Centric is 275 on Comcast Cable.


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