Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shout Out: Steve Harvey Partners with State Farm

Steve Harvey's brand keeps growing, and now corporations are starting to realize that his endorsements, just like Oprah's, are as good as gold. State Farm has signed the legendary comedian to do a series of digital comedy shorts on a range of topics of interest to car and home insurance consumers. The first short, which features an animated version of Harvey going through a stand-up bit about his son’s request for a brand new Escalade, premiered at Harveyknowsbest.com to coincide with National Teen Driver Safety Week, which runs this week.

Visitors to the site get a personal touch by entering their name, which then appears in animated marquee lights. They can also enter their ZIP code and find a State Farm agent in the area.

State Farm has already partnered the 50 Million Pound Challenge with the Steve Harvey Morning Show, but the overwhelming results that he's had over that campaign led to this current project. Harvey will run 48 digital shorts over the next year for the insurance company.



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