Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This Has To Be A Parole Violation...

A lot of folks get out of jail and make mistakes when they should be living on the straight and narrow. This typically comes from hanging with the wrong crowd of people. Well Mike Vick is no exception. He's hanging with folks who haven't had the best interest of black people in mind for years.

In an effort to get people to know him "as an individual," Eagle's quarterback Mike Vick will star in an eight-part documentary set to air on BET in 2010. The network says that it will not be a typical reality show, but will be more of a docu-series on Vick's life since he's been out of prison.

I hope for his sake, BET doesn't do what BET does. Vick does not need anybody cooning up his life right now, and when BET coons, nobody is strong enough to withstand it...Not Tavis, not Donnie, not Rachael, Not Free/A.J., not even Michael Jackson Tributes. Hopefully this show does improve his image, but if it heads in the direction of Frankie & Neffe, I'm gonna go join the PETA movement.


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