Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Years Resolutions = Procrastination

As we enter into the new year, we also enter into the time of year where people start to convince themselves that starting Jan. 1, their lives will take some magical turn, their luck will change, their money will grow, their weight will reduce, and they will find the one person they couldn't find in the past 360+ days. I've learned a few things as I've gotten older, and one of them is that New Year's Resolution is just a fancy phrase for excuses.

Resolutions are an excuse to wait on the coming year to start making life changing alterations to yourself when you could be doing something today. If you don't accomplish the goals you set out to, then you can just blame it on not following through with your New Year's Resolutions. The whole thing is a joke to me. If you want to do something, the worst way to get started is by saying I'll wait until next year.

It may sound cliche, but tomorrow isn't promised to anyone. To spend the last month of the year saying what you're going to do at the beginning of the year is nothing more than a waste of time. Whether you want to lose weight, get a promotion, cut off your ex, or start saving money, it doesn't have to wait until tomorrow. And for those huge goals that can't be implemented today, you should at least start planning what you have to do to reach them.

It takes patience to watch seeds grow and become fruitful, but you don't have to wait to plant them.