Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010's Best New Gadgets

Cio Mobile TV, Price: TBA

Missing your favorite TV show is a thing of the past with the introduction of live streaming mobile Television devices like the Cio Mobile TV.

3D TV - Mitsubishi 82 inch 3-D Readrt DLP TV, Price: $4,999

3D TV is predicted to be one of the largest new electronic trends for 2010 . Currently averaging a 5K ticket, analysts suggest that the price of 3d models, which require 3d glasses for viewing, will drop to rough $3,000 by mid-year.

LightBlueOptics Light Touch projectable keyboard, Price: TBA

"The company is debuting a projection system that throws an image of a fully functional keyboard on any table or flat surface. The outfit claims its new technology, which uses holographic lasers to capture typing strokes and hand movements, will be close enough to a real keyboard to type well." (

The Skiff Reader, Price: TBA

First there was the Kindle and now there is the Skiff Reader which is the next wave in journalism. The Reader allows you to connect to live newspapers digitally. Now your favorite periodical will accessible regardless of your locale.

VPhone, Price: TBA

Two-way video cell phone service will be introduced this year through the Vphone mobile device. Taking BBM and gChat to the next level, the Vphone will allow users to connect visually with an added convenience of mobility.

Pictures are from CNNMoney.

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