Sunday, February 7, 2010

If You're So Perfect, Why Are You Single?

One thing that irritates me about a lot of single women is when they act as if having a boyfriend/fiance/husband is something that they're supposed to have. As if when they were born, God promised them a relationship by the time they turned 25. Then they'll use the tired excuses like, "all the good men are taken," as if they themselves are the definition of the perfect woman. You can be educated, independent, and have a job that pays you hundreds of thousands of dollars, but does that make you a good woman? Not particularly.

Single women have a habit of blaming the world for them being single instead of looking at themselves. They think that their "stats" make them a catch, and while on paper they may be appealing, a real man is looking for more than something that looks good on the surface. Dudes have been around long enough to know that pretty, long hair, and a nice body doesn't equal perfection. In sports, just because you're eligible to be drafted doesn't mean that a team wants you. Those players who aren't drafted continue to work on their game to make themselves a better player until the time comes where a team feels as if they can't let this player pass them up. In life, just because you're single doesn't mean men will be waiting at your doorstep begging you to be their next franchise player. So until then just work on your game, continue to make yourself a better, more well-rounded person, and eventually a man will come along and treat you as if he couldn't let you pass him by.

Instead of sitting around wondering when your man is going to come along, try sitting around and considering what you'll really be able to bring to the relationship when he does come. Some women, and people in general, convince themselves that they are the ideal person and that anybody who is with them should consider themselves lucky. Everybody who's single got there for a reason. Maybe they have problems with commitment, they're selfish, they're too much of a workaholic, or they're overbearing. Figure out why you're single and how you can work on that. Nobody is perfect, and nobody is entitled to being in a relationship, and as long as you think you're the perfect catch, you'll be sitting at home wondering why nobody is chasing after you in the first place.


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  1. You ask why we are single??? The nerve,you men can't make up your mind if you want a 5 star chick/playmate or a Michelle Obama. Since when have men looked beyond the surface?? What planet are you on?? We are single because you men are fickle!!!!! Until your requirements become REALISTIC we are better off being Perfectly Single!!!!!

  2. Oh Anonymous don't even try the realistic argument. Women are just as wishy washy as men are. One day you want a rapper, the next day an fortune 500 businessman, the next day an athlete. Women are notoriously quick to throw out requirements that are unrealistic. Its not enough for a guy to be educated and working, he has to be in a certain tax bracket or field. Its not enough for him to be attractive and well mannaered, he has to be a certain height. If it aint one thing its another and that's with both sexes. And I said a REAL man wants something beyond the surface...slight difference.

    'Preciate your comment