Monday, February 1, 2010

Marriage Is Dead


Take a second to look at that word. What do you immediately associate with that word? Better yet, how would you define marriage in your own words?

The likelihood, if you are anything like me, is that the word brings about one million question marks when searching for associations, especially positive ones. Not because I haven’t seen the fruits of a loving marriage and lifelong partnership, because Ern & Charlotte (my folks) have been married for over 30 years.

My bewilderment for marriage comes from the rampant disrespect for the once sacred union in modern American culture. What was once viewed as a life-long assertion for monogamy and partnership has been reduced to something as transitory as leasing a new car. Not only have we stolen the most extraordinary elements of marriage (moving in together, having children) and sold them to everyday life, we have allowed the value of such a union to be viewed in the same light as an at-will contract.

I plan to marry. Once. The vows between my future wife and I will mean more than signatures on a piece of paper or promises to one another. The most critical piece of a marriage is the realization that your connection is a gift from God that should be honored and upheld at all costs. I see so many people my age and younger getting married and divorced in less time than it takes to microwave a TV dinner. Let’s wake up people. Marriage is about more than a wedding and your commitment should last longer than a warranty. Marry for the right reasons or don’t marry at all.


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  1. Very well said indeed. It seems society and the media are doing their best to kill marriage and make it unfashionable, particularly to 20 somethings.

    In my opinion, it's the basis of a happy family unit - and every child growing up wants to live in a happy family household.

  2. "LIKE" all over this post. Actually..."LOVE" & LMAO @ the "microwave a TV dinner" comparison. Chuuuch.

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