Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Needs A Splash of Color

Is this how young Hollywood looks to you? According to Vanity Fair the new wave of talented actresses are extremely pale, scarily thin caucasian women.

Nobody over there thought that Zoe Saldana might be a good mention. She was only a star in the highest grossing film ever made (Avatar) and a co-star in last summers extremely well received Star Trek remake. Maybe Freida Pinto from the Academy Award winning film Slumdog Millionaire could've gotten a nod for the issue. Possibly Gabourey Sidibe, who in her first role ever just received an Oscar nomination for Precious. Hell maybe even America Ferrera from the Emmy Award winning series Ugly Betty could have made it.

Mainstream America just showed the world once again that looking like you can star in one of those silly ass melodramatic vampire love stories is more important than recognizing actual talent. Hell two of the girls on the current cover were already featured on the "Hollywood's New Wave" issue from two years ago, so I'm sure there was room to swap them out.

My issue lies with the fact that it's still commonplace to believe that thin white and mildly attractive remains a better magazine seller than black/hispanic/asian and talented. I hate that when given an opportunity to do something different than what was previously done, the higher-ups still sign off on the norm. With only a few actresses of color who actually get respectable roles, it wouldn't have hurt Vanity Fair to include one in this issue, especially when there is a whole new crop of young up-and-coming minority actresses who would've been perfect for it.



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  1. Note to self: NEVER purchase a Vanity Fair magazine. IN life.