Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

So last weekend the Sprite Step Off happened. You may have heard that the sorority that won was not a part of the Divine 9 or a multicultural organization. They were the Zeta Tau Alpha's from the University of Arkansas. A predominately white sorority won the step show, the $100,000 grand prize, and everyone went home happy...until the racists came out.

All over the internet and all through Atlanta (where the show was held), people were irate at the thought of a non-black Greek organization winning the step show; as if stepping is legally owned by African-Americans. Anyway, people complained to the point that today Coca-Cola found a "scoring error" that changed the results, and now the Zeta Tau Alpha's have to share their title with the AKA's, who came in 2nd place.

I'm not saying there wasn't a legit "scoring error," but I do think that with the shoe on the other foot, the AKA's would have never been asked to share their title with this white organization based on a miscount. If folks didn't want the girls to win, they should've been up front with their prejudice and said this is a "Blacks Only" step show. They won regional qualifying matches and earned the right to compete just like everyone else and their chances at winning weren't increased because they were white. Had they gotten on that stage and looked foolish they would've been laughed at and taunted all the way back to Arkansas.

It's ok for people to admire something that blacks are known for and try to excel at it. We do it all the time. Basketball, football, and golf weren't always dominated by black athletes. Just like those sports, this step show wasn't based on race, it was based on skill. On this night, one organization proved itself more skilled than its competitors. Their victory shouldn't be asterisked because they looked differently than everyone they were up against---besides, they're all Greek.


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