Saturday, March 6, 2010

Random Question of the Day: Friends & Honesty Edition

In life, friends are the people who keep you on track. They are the ones who have your best interest in mind and will tell you when you're taking steps in the wrong direction. When it comes to relationship advice however, friends usually take a back seat and keep their real opinions to themselves. Or they give you the advice they think you want to hear. Instead of saying, "He's not a good guy for you" or "She seems like she's using you for your money," friends tend to keep a safe distance and just nod in agreement even when it's obvious your relationship choices aren't leading you down the best possible path.

The real funny part is when you realize you were making bad relationship choices, most of your friends will say something like "I had a feeling she wasn't right" or "I really think you messed things up with him".

We're all adults, but sometimes even adults need reality checks so my question is simple: Why aren't we more honest with our friends about their relationship decisions?



  1. I think most people don't say anything to their friends because at the end of the day...they aren't going to do what you advise them to do. As a female, I've had some of my girls date less than stellar guys and no matter how many times they come to me for advice, they have to fall on their as$ in the relationship to really GET it. People always need to learn the hard way. Bottom line. So I let them.

  2. THEY CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!! When you try to tell your friends the truth you're labeled as being too critical,judgemental,jealous, and down right a Hater!!! So let the chips fall where they may and if that means on their ass then so be it!!!!

  3. I'm with both Anonymouses. People will ESPECIALLY feel that way if you're single. Mum's the word.