Monday, April 26, 2010

Basketball Trickery!

VH1 continues to kick out this bull and you silly rabbits keep eating it up. It's so bad that they can blatantly lie about the product they're putting out and misguided viewers still don't care. How does the fact that Basketball Wives only features one wife and one fiance in the cast of six go unmentioned? Outside of Shaunie O'Neal, the most popular cast member is some chick Dwight Howard smashed, who went on to later win the Ludacris "How Low Can You Go" contest during Super Bowl weekend. Are you effing kidding me?

This show is a complete joke. Out of all the actual basketball wives in the league, the only one they found is married to a dude who retired in 2007!! Anybody could be on this show. If your boyfriend in high school was the star basketball player, you can be on this show. If you were a basketball groupie in college, you can be on this show (Bonus: You didn't even have to graduate).

VH1 has given you a show about Chili trying to find Floyd Mayweather, right after they gave you one about Pepa trying to find a rich Asian dude. Meanwhile neither of their love lives have been of interest since Usher and Treach were cheating on them. Then they give you a show about the interesting lives of Brandy and Ray J because Moesha isn't currently in syndication (where the hell is Uncle Frank??). And now they've given us their version of the Housewives series with Basketball Wives, because there aren't enough loud degrading black women on tv who divorced their way to a come up.

It's safe to say I won't be watching. I'd rather tune in to more educational programming...Lisa Raye has a show teaching people about how to unsuccessfully marry for money.


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