Monday, April 26, 2010

Don't Believe The Hype (...or the bangs)

Before everybody gets on the "Ant you sound like a hater" bandwagon, let me explain two things: I don't care, and I aint lying. Now, on to Pat from Saturday Night Live. Dude is 16 years old so off rip he's old enough to understand that this hairstyle aint street legal.

More important than him looking like he can't get married in all 50 states, I'm thinking people caught the same syndrome that they caught when Nicki Minaj hit the scene. Everybody loves Justin the same way everybody claims to love Nicki but most people can't name five songs by either artist and I'm honestly not that impressed by the little I've heard.

And before all you girls start saying "he's so cute" stuff, Ciara and Cassie are cute, but they can't sing worth a damn and you know it. Dude has some talent, and the guitar playing is a plus, but until I hear something major I can't put him in superstar status.


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