Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Tiger Woods x Nike Ad Hits Home

I'm tired of the Tiger Woods controversy talk. But on the eve of his return to golf, I think Nike nailed this new ad. It features the voice of the late Earl Woods, Tiger's father. Earl was the most influential person in Tiger's life and when he passed, who knows how that affected Tiger and his recently uncovered extramarital decisions.

Tiger tees off at the Masters on Thursday, and he's spent all week trying to show people he's remorseful and he just wants to focus on golf. Nike has stood behind Tiger the entire time, making it clear that what he did off the golf course had nothing to do with his relationship to their brand. I think this ad is a great way to draw some positive controversy to Tiger as he reintroduces himself to golf and to Nike. Sidebar: I hope he kicks some serious a** this weekend and sticks it to everybody passing judgment on him.

What do you think about the ad?


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