Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New York Fail...

I'm a little irritated with some New York folks right now. As a homeless man lay dying on the sidewalk in front of a NYC apartment with multiple stab wounds, both residents of the apartment, and passers by just casually walked by the guy.

What makes this more appalling is that the man got stabbed trying to keep a woman from getting beat up by the man she was walking down the street arguing with. The homeless man jumped in when the altercation got physical and the woman he tried to help as well as the man she was with took off running.

It wasn't until after Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax had been lying on the sidewalk for an hour that paramedics had been called and were able to get to him. Of course the caveat is, by then it was too late. To anybody in New York who walked past this man thinking he was some regular homeless person lying face down and motionless in the middle of the sidewalk and didn't try to help him, you get a big SMH!

R.I.P. to Hugo though. He went out trying to do something good for someone else even though life hadn't been that kind to him lately. That's a man who understands the value of humanity. The rest of us could learn a thing or two.



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