Sunday, May 23, 2010

Reason's #400-1000 Why BET Irritates My Soul

So I'm sure by now you've heard all the fuss about the BET award nominations that were announced early last week. While most people have harped on the fact that Justin Bieber was nominated despite the fact that he's not black, I'm more concerned with the fact that he, like a lot of other nominees, have barely been seen on the network.

Bieber, who was nominated in the Best New Artist category, has been on BET twice to my knowledge; once to premier his video on 106th and Park, and another time during a Hati relief telethon. For a network that has all but followed the MTV model of deviating away from music videos, anyone whose video isn't on the 106th countdown everyday seems like a random nomination. Which leads me to wonder, how Lil' Kim got in the Best Female Hip Hop category??? Wasn't "How Many Licks" feat. Sisqo her last official single? Did I miss something?

A few other things that came into question after the nominees were announced:

How did Monica, who has a reality show and a steadily rotating video on the countdown, get nominated for a Centric Award (neo-soul) and not a Best Female R&B award? Last time I checked, her music was closer to Beyonce and Alicia Keys than Maxwell and Sade.

In what hood was Law Abiding Citizen a Best Movie nominee? Were they just throwing in stuff that had black people in it? Oh ok, that explains The Blind Side

Is there a better way to assure Drake and Nicki Minaj an award than nominating them in the male and female hip-hop categories respectively, then throwing in Young Money in the Best New Artist and Best Group categories for good measure?

I hate BET for a lot of reasons, mainly because of the shift they've made from being socially relevant, to comically ignorant. These award nominations just gave me a bunch more reasons to not like them. I'm sure once the show airs, I'll have 3 more hours worth of beef with them. Stay tuned!


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