Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mike's Real Talk: Say It Like You Mean It

Your word is all you have. At least in my eyes. 

Once you injure your word with me, it is almost irreparable. I have encountered one too many people in recent weeks that state that they can offer a service, provide a result or offer their expertise and have not followed through on their claim. I understand that we all fall short of our goals at times but don't say what you don't mean and absolutely mean what you say. I hate to admit this but I see this issue having a major presence amongst African-Americans. I hope that by bringing it in to discussion we can find the root of this problem and break the pattern.

Whether in business, relationships, or even dealing with family - Be straight up. Offer only what you are comfortable with providing and nothing more. Remember, a burnt bridge is not easily crossed.

How much value do you place on people giving their word?



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1 comment:

  1. I place no value on people or their words until they have proven themselves first. Unfortunately, I stay in neutral so I can back up or go forward.!!!!!!!!