Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shout Out: Phoenix Suns

In a state where the Hispanic community is so deeply rooted, I applaud the Phoenix Suns for deciding to wear their "Los Suns" jersey's in their game against the Spurs tonight, and making sure everyone knew it isn't just to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, but that it is a clear statement being made against the disturbing immigration laws that were recently passed.

If you haven't heard, Arizona just gave authorities the right to ask anyone at any time for any reason for proof of citizenship. The law was designed to identify and essentially deport illegal immigrants, but at what costs? How can a police officer look at someone hispanic and decide whether or not they are a legal citizen? This law is no less disruptive to American civil rights than if security stopped every middle eastern airplane passenger and asked them to prove they're not a terrorist---It's racial profiling legalized.

I know there are issues in the southern border states regarding illegal immigration, but there has to be a more democratic resolution. This law needs to be modified in the immediate future. It opens up the door for discriminatory practices by police officers, and closes the door on American civil liberties.


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