Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Electric Feel

Kanye West/Kid Cudi x Welcome To Heartbreak
Today, music undoubtedly plays a major role in cultural trends. The music influencers set the tone for what’s cool in fashion, lifestyle, and culture. We look to music for this guidance, and I am thrilled to find inspiration this season in what I call, hyper real. Color over-lapping, vibrant hues, distorted images, neon’s…by changing what’s real into fantastical illusions, these elements create an entire emotional experience. Artists such as Kanye West, Beyonce, and Kid Cudi have all partaken in this trend with recent music videos and photo shoots, bending the rules of traditional entertainment. Get inspired, then grab a pantone card!

Beyonce x Videophone

Nabil Elderkin "Glow in the Dark" feat Kanye West


  1. i agree...but i think my first inspiration for this type of look would be MIA...I think everybody else followed her lead (she did it a few years ago)...and who knows...she may have followed someone else too...

  2. I really like the post! Thanks for sharing! I feel that color overlapping is something that has been popular in present and not so present media trends, as far back even as Kelis and other artists, however, there is always a new twist to an existing concept. The artists mentioned in the blog article are also known for being at the forefront of many trends today!

  3. Good shit. I definitely agree with "The music influencers set the tone for what’s cool in fashion, lifestyle, and culture." I actually mentioned that in a meeting today.

  4. I love this new (old) trend of using the music video as an extension of the art of the song...what a novel idea!

    Beyonce caught a lot of heat for her "Video Phone" video because she's half naked and I guess it wasn't deep or thought-provoking enough for some, but you can't deny that the video is fun to watch. She looks great and the videography is cool. It is different from a lot of the videos out right now...can't be everything to everybody. Kanye...he's been on some other ish lately, but isn't that why we love him?

    Don't hate me, but you know which other song and video I love that uses similar techniques? Snap Ya Fingers x Lil John...call me crazy...:)