Friday, June 25, 2010

Off The Wall::Off the Charts

It doesn't seem like it's been a year since he passed. To be honest it's still kind of surreal to think he isn't here. One year ago today, the world lost it's biggest icon ever. Some people may not have been able to concentrate on his work amidst all the scandals and mysterious activity, but no one can deny the mans talent and immense work ethic.

Michael Jackson is the greatest entertainer the music industry has ever known, and if you doubted it before his death, check some of the numbers since.
  • Jackson has sold more than 9 million albums, and 13 million digital downloads.
  • He jumped from #47 on the Nielsen/Soundscan top album sellers in its history (since 1991), to #18.
  • He's one of five artists to have multiple number one albums since his death. 
  • His film, This Is It became the top-grossing concert film in history, and he became the sixth music star ever to star in a #1 film, that was accompanied by a #1 soundtrack.
  • At one point during the year since his death, he had six of the top ten best selling albums in the U.S.
The numbers go on and on. But instead of talking about all the records he's broken, let's just take some time and reflect on the music he made.

Michael Jackson
The best to ever do it...



  1. great pic choice ant! i luv that man!

  2. he got on a dopeboy with the fur!