Monday, June 14, 2010

Shout Out: Daisy Mitchell

The young lady in the middle of this photograph looks like a normal high school student. She has a boyfriend. She has friends. She gets along with her teachers. On the surface, she's just an 18 year old from Mt. Clemens, MI, who recently graduated and is headed off to college. If you take the time to look just a little deeper into Daisy Mitchell's story though, you'll notice a young woman whose story is as inspiring as it is amazing.

At 2 months old Daisy was placed in foster care. She would go on to spend the next 18 years with at least a half dozen caregivers, some of whom abused and neglected her. She's moved at least a dozen times, and has changed schools eight times.

With all the instability in her life, statistics say she shouldn't have ever reached her graduation. To make things more difficult, Daisy lives alone. She has no family, and according to all the experts, she should have no future. However, Daisy defied every odd she that stood in front of her. Instead of being defeated by her circumstances, she walked across the stage with a 3.4 GPA.

Stories like these always reaffirm my faith that something extraordinary lies in everyone. This young woman had every reason not to succeed, but she instead used those excuses as fuel to make the best out of the cards she was dealt. Daisy Mitchell isn't the first person to deal with bad circumstances and she won't be the last, but she can hold her head high knowing that she's one of the few who never bowed before even the harshest adversities. Her spirit is beautiful, and her future is bright. Be inspired.

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