Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What WIll Drake's Numbers Be?

In what is probably the most anticipated new artist album release since Kanye West, Drake finds himself in an interesting position with Thank Me Later. His features have become so familiar he feels old. His "So Far Gone" mixtape, though not even two years old, is already considered a classic. He's one of the most consistent voices you hear on the radio. Whether he's singing or rapping he makes hits. Whether he's with Lil' Wayne or Alicia Keys he's consistently confident.

Sounds like a recipe for success right? Not exactly. As pointed out in an earlier post, album sales are as unpredictable as ever these days. With Drake's entire album having been leaked on the web for weeks now, and with him taking over a year to release his first album after the success of the So Far Gone mixtape gave him his best chance at record sales numbers, his project may not move as once expected.

What do you think Drake's number will be in his first week:

A) Under 500,000
B) Just barely 500,000
C) Over 500,000

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