Tuesday, July 13, 2010

iPhone 4 Recall??

Word around the tech yard is that consumers aren't too happy with Apple and their refusal to address the problems with the iPhone 4 antenna. When problems were first reported, Apple replied with some snarky responses that basically said "learn how to hold the phone fool." Obviously people weren't happy with being told how to hold their cell phone at this stage in the game, so then Apple blamed a glitch in the software.

All the drama and negligence to acknowledge the hardware issue has caused a public relations firestorm for the company. There are even rumors that the company is deleting related threads on its message boards. More importantly, the hardware issue heard 'round the world has industry insiders talking about a possible recall. PR experts are relating the iPhone 4 problems to the Toyota vehicle recalls earlier in the year, and they are saying Apple will need a more critical response than telling people to hold their phone differently or put duct tape over the antenna.

Do you have the iPhone 4? Have you experienced these or any other issues with your device?