Saturday, July 24, 2010

This Week's Silly Negro: Irv Gotti

I like Irv Gotti, I promise I do. I think he has an eye for talent that may not always be obvious. I also respect a lot of his contributions to music during the early and middle parts of the decade. But he may have just killed all possible credibility going forward.

In an interview with Vibe magazine gotti said
The world has yet to see the best of Nicki Minaj. What she's delivering to the world now is basically what they want. But I know she's a super talented superstar who can do anything at a high level---rap, sing, act, whatever she wants to do. This is just the beginning of Nicki Minaj. Her best is yet to come. In my opinion she is as talented as my other girl Lauryn Hill. They have completely different styles. But as far as talent is concerned they both can do it all. Nicki just isn't showing it yet 'cause she doesn't want to. But world be prepared 'cause she's the truth.
Excuse me while I call the police on this ninja! I'll give him his credit for saying everything he needed to to make his statement sound neutral. But really Irv??!?!? Nicki Minaj is as talented as Lauryn Hill? The only thing they have in common is estrogen. Nicki Minaj couldn't stand in a cypher and spit with Lauryn Hill if she tried to. Lauryn would throw a dreadlock at her a$$. And don't even get me started on the singing. That "Your Love" song will not be netting Nicki any Grammy's this year or next. While we have yet to see her acting chops, I'll go ahead and put $20 on it that Lauryn wins that one too.

Nicki is talented enough to have gained some fans, but talented enough to be compared with one of the greatest musical talents of this generation? Hell naw Irv!! Hell naw!


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  1. LMAO @ Lauryn would throw a dreadlock at her a$$
    i LOVE IT... JUST LOVE IT !!!!!! ha...