Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Veggies Are The New Fries: Eco-Fast Food

Two former McDonald's executives feel that they have found the key to healthy fast food options in the US. Mike Roberts and Mike Donahue are planning to launch a "healthful" quick service restaurant under the working title of Stephanie's in early 2011. With plans to serve steel cut oatmeal and pita pocket sandwiches, Stephanie's may be an answer to the highly controversial documentary, Super Size Me and America's increasing obesity epidemic. Donahue tells Ad Age that there are preliminary plans to launch one solid location and build from there. He expounds, "we think the biggest unmet customer need is great-tasting, delicious, affordable food that is also good for you. We want the whole feel and environment to be socially responsible; we want it to be a respite." The concept plans to house the "fast-casual" restaurants in unique locations that play upon greenery and eco-friendly additions such as bio-degradable flatware and even electric car delivery service. 

I personally feel that healthy quick service options are imperative to the health of this country. Americans live "on the go" and sadly, what is usually quick and present is not in the least bit healthy. I know in my office, I see plenty of people indulge in the daily "breakfast" of a honey bun, which comes in at a whopping 690 calories and 31 grams of saturated fat! We all have grab a pop tart in our morning rush, but I think once being educated on the damage processed foods are doing to our bodies, we have to take notice. I feel if there were more affordable, quick and healthy options, consumers would side with a more balanced option. I look forward to the development of Stephanie's and hope that other entities such as this one enter development.