Saturday, July 24, 2010

What?!? Women Don't Like Dudes In Skinny Jeans and Ed Hardy?

In a recent poll on Yahoo's Shine website, women were asked for the Top 10 worst fashion choices men make. The overall winner (or loser) was Ed Hardy. 21% of women said they hated the biker tattoo looking shirts. Skinny jeans was also in the top 10, though if I had a vote, I would wish these away first...for the sake of manhood.

Also making the list were baggy jeans, sandals with socks, speedos, fanny packs, ill-fitting clothes, baseball caps, wife beaters and too much jewelry.

Ladies what do you hate seeing men wear the most?

Fellas, what fashion movement do you wish women would let die? Wait, do lacefront's count as fashion?



  1. I absolutely despise skinny jeans for men it's soooo beyond feminine. LOL.@ Lacefront Fashions!!!