Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2010: The Year of the Mistress

In light of Fantasia's recent breakdown let me be the first to say her overdose, whether accidental or intentional, is no laughing matter. Combinations of pills to cope with problems are dangerous even if you don't intend on really hurting yourself. None of us really know whether Fantasia was trying to take her own life, but what we do know is the situation that led up to Monday's hospital admittance could have been avoided.

Then Again 2010 has been a different kind of year. The mistress has taken over the last leg of the decade like no other year before it. Fantasia is just the most recent case of mistress misbehavior. Like Alicia Beatz and Gabrielle "F*ck-A" Union before her, Fantasia's role as a mistress has kept her name flowing on news and gossip sources alike, and with her recent behavior, and music/television projects on the horizon, the timing couldn't be better.

First things first, on any planet, in any language, a married man is a married man. Yes there are many reasons not to get divorced; income and children come to mind. However, any man (or woman) saying they're separated is really giving you a big caution sign up front. That separated line usually is nothing more than a built in excuse for your conscience when you're doing something wrong. If Mediatakeout or Bossip can confirm that a man is still married, it's no way in hell I'm believing that Alicia Beatz or Fantasia didn't know their boyfriends had wives.

Speaking of their wives, why does nobody seem to care about them anymore once the cheating comes to light? They can't catch a break to save their lives. Fantasia's people called Dejuan Cook's wife a liar. Siovaughn Wade had to be moved out of Miami to make room for Gabrielle "Fuck-A" Union and Lebron, and Alicia Beatz used the BET awards as a personal forum to say "HI MASHONDA!!!!" It's like once the cheating is on the table, everyone accepts the mistress as the new chick and moves on. But where does the wife move on to? Back to Chicago with Siovaughn Wade and her two kids? To the closet where Fantasia takes her pills?

Sorry I digressed a little, but back to the mistress. I read an article the other day that said people were being harder on Fantasia than they had been on Alicia Beatz, because 'Tasia is the dark skinned mistress and Fancy Alicia is the light skinned mistress. This couldn't be further from the truth. Fantasia got blasted by mainstream media for breaking the number one rule of the 2010 mistress; she showed emotion!. The 2010 mistress doesn't give a damn about a blog. Did Gabrielle "F*ck-A" Union start poppin pills like Three Six Mafia when she was seen with Dwayne Wade over the last few years? Heck no! Did Alicia Beatz flinch when Mashonda started speaking to the public about the affair? Trick please! When the media, the courts, and the streets find out about your affair you plead the 5th and keep on moving.

2010 has proven two things, marriage is worth about as much as the U.S. dollar, and whether you've won Grammy's, American Idol, or...thinking....still thinking...damn Gabby you gotta win something...anyway, nobody's above being a mistress. Alicia Beatz hit the ultimate mistress peak by getting a wedding and a child out of a hit-making producer. Fantasia hit a new mistress low by trying to kill herself over the revelation that her cell phone selling boyfriend was married, and then again by filming their reunion for her reality show. And just like her career, Gabrielle "F*ck-A" Union is lingering somewhere in the middle with no kid, no ring, but a good ass time in Miami.

Bottom line, if you ever wanted to be a mistress now is the time to do it. You have three very prime examples to shape your mistress future. You decide what type of mistress you want to be. If you wanna get married, proceed with caution. People these days take those vows about as quickly as Fantasia took those pills...they don't think about what happens next!


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