Sunday, August 22, 2010

This Week's Silly Negro: Dorothy Davidson

As a mayoral candidate, it's not typically smart to lie about celebrity endorsements. It's definitely not smart to photoshop the celebrity's wife out of a picture and poorly insert yourself in place of her. Yet that's what Dorothy Davidson's campaign manager did in an effort to get Bessemer, AL voters to support the councilwoman.

After University of Alabama officials said that coach Nick Saban was not contacted for any type of endorsement, and he hadn't posed for any picture with Davidson, she fired her campaign manager for the mishap. The problem with this is Davidson had already insisted that she posed for the photo with the National Championship winning coach. That is until she was shown the original picture that Saban took with his wife.

Davidson is still running for mayor, and the city of Bessemer will hold its elections this coming Tuesday. Before she sees that I wrote about her and starts talking to the streets, let me be clear: The Ant and Mike Show does NOT support Dorothy Davidson, stupidity, or bad photoshopping.