Wednesday, September 15, 2010

PSA: No Fake Sh*t

There is an epidemic in our community. It has silently been lingering in the back alleys of America and it's prominence has reached a new platform in the digital age. What was once a dark secret is now a public entity and I for one am determined to take stand. 

No More Bootleg Sh*t.

I see you ladies with your Fendi bag, Gucci boots and Burberry scarf.  Yet, you have on generic jeans. Stop the BS.

I see the dudes with Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite wallet, belt and shoes, but you have on Cavi shirt. Once again, stop the BS.

Let's live in reality. Some people have the ability to wear authentic designer clothing from head to toe, but for most of us this just isn't a possibility. Don't cheapen the value of owning an authentic piece of Gucci or Louis Vuitton by stuffing your closet full of fake threads. I would rather save and purchase something real than the immediate gratification of fraudulence.  The bootleg game is now all over Facebook and at the end of the day, to each his own, but come on people.

Do yourself a favor. Don't wear fake. It makes you look cheap. 

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  1. I must say I'm torn between Faux and FoReal!!
    I watched the Tyra episode on how to spot a fake purse. The copies are so close to real it makes you ask yourself why should I spend $500 or more each time for a new bag! Now on the other hand, I agree with you about saving your money to buy the real thing if your cash flow is low or slow,in order to experience the quality and workmanship of an Authentic designer bag! As the old saying goes... " Sometimes you gotta fake it to make it." LMBO!!