Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And The Biggest Winner From This Season of The Game...

Meagan Good!! While her character on the show may be a two-timing with the star quarterback, stank acting, threesome having, wife of the Saber's owner, real life Meagan Good is the biggest winner with The Game's return to television. Why you ask?

Because she got some new clothes!!!!!!!!!! Thank you JESUS!!! I think Meagan Good is cute as all get out and her haircut is dope, but if I seen this chick in those shiny black leggings and leather motorcycle jacket ONE MORE TIME, I was going to shut down this blog and turn her into the police.

Don't know what outfit I'm talking about...

Look familiar?

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  1. Lol...she found a look that she thought looked good on her and stuck with it. :)