Friday, January 21, 2011

Detroit Hip-Hop Spotlight: D-Rick, Big Shan, DraeTown

Check out these new videos from these three up & coming Detroit MCs. Whose got "it" and who doesn't?

D-Rick - One Thang
Big Shan - I Love You

Draetown ft. Lawson - City of Gold



  1. First I want to Thank You for showin some Love to the Young,Black&Gifted from Detroit!!!!!
    Who's Got it? All 3 MCs. D-Rick has a nice flow & a catchy hook. Big Shan has an easy flow & a catchy hook & I'm loving the old school Golden High Top(Lol) Last but not least I'm so feelin the beat the flow of the MCs and the overall video for City of Gold....Love It!!!!