Thursday, January 20, 2011

MLK Memorial Nears Completion

On the heels of the birthday of one of America's most historic civil rights leaders, news has surfaced that the monument in dedication to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. on the historic site of the Washington Mall is nearing completion. Selected government officials were granted the opportunity to walk through the site on the national holiday and observance of Rev. King's birthday earlier this week. The monument, which will feature historic quotes and a three-story stone carving of King, is set to be unveiled in August 2011. See a miniature version of the monument below.

I hope that the unveiling of this monument is a huge celebration in not only the African-American community but the greater US population as a whole. Through funding issues and countless delays, this monument is now a reality and will stand as a symbol of equality and the dedication of an incredible human being who fought for our current state of affairs and that to come. I definitely plan to make the trek to D.C. for the public opening.



  1. Awesome monument of MLK. I love that the arms are folded; to me it sends a message that we won't stand for anymore *Bull Sh**!

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