Friday, January 7, 2011

No Pump Faking in 2011

Pump Faking is a term generally used in reference to a basketball move where a player pretends he is going to take a shot, so that he can get the defender off balance or get them to jump. Well it's a lot of you women out here pretending you are Michael Bryant James Jabaar with all the pump faking yall were doing in 2010. Don't try to fake like you're gonna do something just to see what we do next.

Let me break something down real quick. If a guy likes you, and you like him, stop pump faking that man!!! I'm not saying marry him tomorrow. I'm not saying be his girlfriend tonight. I'm not saying put all your cards on the table. I'm just saying keep it all the way real in 2011. If you like a guy, and every Facebook status and Tweet you post is about "where are all the good men", and all that mess, then why on earth would you play hard to get with a guy who you've already established is a good man and you have a mutual interest with?

For example: If we've been texting, talking and out on a few dates, and I say I'm going to be in your city for New Years Eve, wouldn't you think that that would be a good chance to at least catch up with me for dinner? Lunch? A pretzel? Don't do all the texting, phone caking, and Skyping and then when we get around each other try to pump fake to see what type of reaction you're gonna get so you can decide how you're gonna act.

Men might seem complicated, but certain things about us are just simple. We don't invest time in something we don't think is worth it. I have a million female friends, and I love them all, but I don't spend all day with them going out to eat, going to sporting events, going shopping and sitting at home watching movies. That's dating where I'm from. If a guy is spending that sort of time with you take that as a sign that he's into you enough for you to let down your guard just a tad. That doesn't mean go crazy and turn into a Stage 5 Clinger, but it does mean that you don't have to go so hard pretending that we're just friends, that you end up ruining the fact that something else was there.

Any man who wants you is willing to do a little chasing while you play hard to get, but at a certain point you have to ask yourself what you've done lately to keep him from getting tired of playing that game. Make sure your actions are consistent with those late night conversations and early morning messages. Dating is about give and take, but if you think you're gonna take up all our time, phone battery, and gas money, but then pull the "friends" card when it's time to give, just so you can protect your feelings you done lost your mind.

Stop pump faking these dudes out here. You might get us to jump a couple of times, but eventually we'll stop defending you and you'll be playing that game by your damn self.



  1. lmao! i love this post!
    But the killer is, there is a thin line btwn letting your guard down and revealing so much that dude isn't interested anymore...#imjustsaying...
    That's why I think a lot of girls try to play it safe by keeping that guard up...

  2. Yea I feel you blood. This is really more of a direct post at a girl who tried to pumpfake one of the homies...I understand having your guard up, but be savvy enough to know when AND how much to let it down

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