Thursday, January 6, 2011

Not These Two Again...SMH

I like T.I., and I used to have a crush on Tiny when she was in Xscape (whewwww glad I dodged that bullet). Until recently I thought they were the perfect hood couple. They held each other down in ways that only good hood couples hold each other down. They had an entire employee staff's worth of children before they ever got engaged/married. She stuck with him through the dope dealing, and the jail sentences. He stuck with her through the Tiny & Toya show (she better not let him catch any reruns though...divorce papers next to the remote!). But their last few months have taken them off my good hood couple list, and placed them on my list of dumb ass people.

I stayed quiet about the drug arrest when T.I. was on parole and preparing to release an album. But this most recent story just blows my mind. So Tiny went to visit Clifford, and apparently tried to give him a happy ending before she left.

I've been to visit plenty of folks in jail, I know it's an exciting and emotional time. But a hand job is not worth getting moved from general population, and possibly losing some visitation rights and other privileges...hell a hand job isn't worth much outside of jail. I don't know if she was really stroking the Tip (pun), or if they were just overzealous with a game of footsy, but it's time for somebody close to them, maybe one of the OMG Girls to tell them to "sit yall ass down".



  1. lmao! I'm getting a good catch up on the blog...
    double LMAO @ "stroking the Tip (pun)"

  2. we're catching up too...we had a major case of the writers block, but we're on it...welcome back!