Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random Question of the Day: The Grudge Edition

I was reading a friends Facebook status one day (shout out to Kalea), and she posed a very good question: Why are women so quick to forgive the men in your lives who do you wrong, but will hold a grudge with a woman forever?

I think it's an interesting question mainly because it's an honest one. I know too many ladies who are still with the guy that cheated on them, but will reach for a handgun the minute you mention the other woman's name. If you are one of these women, just know that the other woman fell for the same thing you fell for. Whether it was charm, looks, money, intimacy, or thirstiness, she's a victim of falling for the wrong guy at the right time.

Forgive and forget, but don't be dumb enough to misplace anger, and other harsh emotions toward someone who probably knew as much about you as you did about them.

But if the girl knew about you...whoop her ass everytime you see her in the street!



  1. Why am I just seeing this?! And clearly I agree with your statements. Women are emotional creatures but more often than not our emotional outburst are directed towards the wrong person. And in this situation women lash out at her female counterpart usually because she doesn't want to be alone.