Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Random Question of the Day: Sex Edition

Soooo according to the gossip blogs and the context clues from her recent tweets, Teyana Taylor got dumped because she wasn't willing to "stop respecting herself" by giving up her virginity. To be honest, most adult males will probably believe a girl is an alien before they believe she's a virgin. However, for those women who do save it, this could present a unique relationship dilemma.

How important do you think sex is to the continuation of a relationship?

Bonus Question: If you're in a sexually active relationship, do you think that your current relationship could maintain its pace if sex was taken out of it?

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  1. Sex is an important element of a relationship.its presence has the ability to strengthen the bond between the partners and take the relationship to a whole other level! is possible to have a healthy relationship without sex but once that line has been crossed it may ruin a relationship to try to take it away.....kind of like when women try to punish their men by holding out

  2. Yea that's the most backwards advice ever given. It will NOT do your relationship any good to put a hold on one of the better parts of the relationship just to prove a point.