Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Are You Ready For BabyBook?

Yes you read that right. There is a website currently being built where parents will be able to upload pictures and video's of their babies doing the most precious things, like smiling with no teeth, drooling on things, and wearing every outfit they get dressed in every single day.  The parents will even be able to update every single status so that you know all of their kids milestones AS THEY HAPPEN!!!

Wait why does this sound familiar? Because you thirsty ass parents have already turned Facebook into the damn daycare center. When they said it takes a village to raise a child, they meant your family, your neighbors and your closest friends, not the 1,000 people you went to high school and college with who don't even remember you by name. I am so tired of seeing other people's children on Facebook, I'm about to have one myself just so my baby can fight their baby!

Look I love kids; I think they're awesome, I think they're a blessing, I think they're downright adorable. But I don't need to see your kid so much that I feel like I'm related to yall. It's so many babies in my newsfeed I'm scared that the cops might get suspicious. It's to the point that you gotta call your friends baby to see how their mama is doing.

The next time I see one of my social media friends out with their baby don't be alarmed if I walk up and hug the kid first. Hell, I see the baby so much on Facebook I might pick her up and ask how is my god-baby doing. If you would've put his/her pictures in a photo album like normal parents, it never would've come to this.

And no...BabyBook is not a real thing.

Facebook: Ant


  1. LMAO @ "thirsty ass parents". This is so funny to me because someone JUST posted on my page that I haven't put a pic of my son up since he was born. I posted two recent pics and told her that's enough for the year lol.


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