Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Word of Advice: Stop Sexting!!

I'm sure by now you've seen the pics of my bald-headed boo and her bald-headed parts. These aren't the first pics of Amber Rose to hit the net but they're definitely the most graphic. The two-fingered text messages sent 'round the world has cost Amber her representation by uber-talent agency CAA and has let down many of the girls who "look up to her" [her words, not mine].

Don't worry're not the first celebrity, pseudo-celebrity, or basic yamp off the streets to have a naked pic of yourself leak. Plenty of women, and men (I'm pointing at you Eddie Long and Anthony Wiener) have made the mistake of sending not so private pics of their most private parts to other people. Sometimes the pics are sent to a current boyfriend/girlfriend just to keep things spicy. Maybe you send them because you're far away from each other and you want to show the other person what they're missing. Or maybe you send them because, well, somebody said send me a picture.

Whatever the reason, who you sext is your business. But whether you're a politician, a celebrity, or just someone with a bunch of friends on Facebook and Twitter, once you sext, you've officially put yourself at risk. If those pics get in the wrong hands, you can lose a career, and a relationship in the flip of a phone. 

My solution: Stop Sexting!! It hurts me to say it. I've gotten plenty of wonderful pics sent to my phone in my day, but enough is enough. There are people out here using good sexting to hurt other people. Those pics of Amber Rose should've been stared at, used at that persons discretion and put away in a T-Mobile vault, never to be seen again. Instead, Amber is out of a job and I had to create a secret folder in my iPhoto app.

Just stop sexting. If a person wants to see you, send a pic of your face. If they wanna see you do something freaky, Skype it so they never have physical possession of your naughtiness. I'm a fan of everybody finding their inner whore, but if that hoe is in your cell phone don't pick up!

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  1. Just because somebody doesn't love you the way you want them to doesn't mean they don't love you with everything they got ”

  2. Don't skype either, because people can definitely take pics of you during your skype convo! Don't be a victim!