Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Your Thought's: Drake "Marvin's Room"

Let's get things straight early, I think Drake is dope. He's obviously gifted and his presence in music was as refreshing and necessary as ever. But as much as I'm a fan of what he can do with a pen, I'm not always moved when it hits my speakers.

When listening to his latest web sensation, Marvin's Room, I can't help but feel a little blah about it. It's not that the content isn't dope, but that the sound of it feels like everything I've heard from Drake over the last year. Drake's sound a year ago was unique but I remember feeling like when he dropped a second album I was going to need to hear something different to be excited about it. Even though Marvin's Room isn't an official single, I'm already concerned about Drake's next project sounding like Thank Me Later II, which would be terrible because Thank Me Later sounded like So Far Gone II.

I'm really into artist growth. Listening to Reasonable Doubt isn't like listening to the Blueprint or the Black Album. I know Drakes next project will only be his second so obviously he has plenty of time for album comparison's but I'd love to see him start taking some risks musically. I'd like to see him switch his rap style up. Give me something unexpected like when B.I.G. did Notorious Thugs. Do a full R&B album and really test your range vocally. I just don't want to keep hearing different versions of "Fireworks" and "Find Your Love" for his whole career.

Let us know what you think about Marvin's Room?

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