Thursday, June 28, 2012

Budsmoker's Only: Chicago Decriminalizes Posession of Small Amounts of Marijuana

Chicago resident's raise your hands "high" in the sky!!!! Chicago has decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana. If you get caught 15 grams or less, starting August 4th, you will no longer be arrested. Instead, officers can issue a written violation with a fine between $250 and $500...but you can pay that. You a baller huh? You a baller?

More than 24 states have taken similar steps to try and save money and free up police to pursue more serious crimes. Two states - Colorado and Washington - will vote on a bill in November's to legalize recreational marijuana. And to think, Snoop Dogg was detained in Norway for having a small amount of weed and more cash than legally allowed. If he had been in the Chi, he would've got that ticket and Crip walked back to the car!

If your city only wrote tickets for being caught with marijuana or better yet, legalized it, would you become a smoker?

instagram: antwood1984


  1. I wish they would just make it legal....

  2. Hell to the YEAH! Researching the cost of living in Washington and Colorado...

    1. LOL! That's real...I bet it goes up when that bud gets legalized.

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