Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Where Have All the Classics Gone?

For about 10hrs a day, 5 days a week, I am sitting in a cubicle listening to my iPod. Because of this, and the fact that new music is readily available more now than at any point I can remember, I, like most people, am always downloading the latest cd's, mixtapes, and singles. I get to work every morning excited about listening to whatever I downloaded the previous night. Yet everyday, no matter how much new material I have in my Recently Added playlist, I find myself searching for an older album usually around noon.

The new stuff is cool but the classics are just that; classic. Sometimes it's Blueprint (1), other times it's Ready to Die, today it was It's Dark and Hell is Hot. It's not that I don't enjoy the million and one bangers that Maybach Music Group churns out every week, or listening to Drake talk about all the people who said he wasn't gonna make it, or trying to figure out what the hell Future is mumbling about, but I miss the days where you could turn on a cd and by the time the last track goes off, you came away feeling like you'd listened to a genius piece of work.

Nowadays lyricism and beats don't mesh like they once did. It seems like the more a song bangs, the less is being said on the record and vice versa. And while getting radio play and spins in the club is great, I long for a time when artists and producers locked themselves in a studio and worked together to create classic, timeless music without worrying about whether a song would go hard at King of Diamonds.

All Eyez on Me and Life After death came out in 1996 and '97 respectively, yet over 10 years later I can listen to them as if they were released last week. I don't get that same feeling when I listen to music now. As dope as Self Made 2 may be when it's released, I doubt 10 yrs from now I'll be putting it in rotation so I can listen to "Bag of Money". Current hip-hop artists seem so focused on making music that sounds and feels like right now and today, that they seem to forget about their place in the future.

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  1. I agree 1000% and not only from a fan perspective but from a professional standpoint. I have my own independent label and I set the bar so high fur them that they get pissed but I tell them the game needs a breath of fresh air!

    1. Leek you ain't lying man. Everything sounds on note right now, a breath of fresh air is needed out here but so many artists with the opportunity to do it would rather make something that sounds like everything else on the radio

  2. Chuch! #CashinOutVoice

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