Monday, July 16, 2012

What You Talkin' Bout: Rick Ross

I'm a huge Rick Ross fan, and I respect the MMG movement. But sometimes lyrics need to be explained. I need to know when, where, why, and what the hell he was thinking when he recorded the following lyric on Usher's "Lemme See":
Had to valet park it, Chanel hoodie onLooking like Treyvon Martin, George Zimmerman I'm wanted
Ok so maybe their is no explanation for that lyric. That's one of those bars he's gonna look back on and not remember what he was smoking when he wrote it. But maybe he'll be able to tell me what was going on when he said this, at the beginning of "Power Circle" on Self Made 2:
If Michael Jackson was alive right nowHe'd ask you to smoke one for himSo in his honor...
I love Ross and MMG. He hasn't had many missteps the last few years, and nearly everything he's touched has turned to pure gold (sorry Pill). But in the 50 years that the late great King of Pop was alive, he never asked me to smoke one for him...especially at the beginning of a song that opens up with a Gunplay verse.

A lot of rappers these days say things that make you go "WTF", so expect plenty more of these posts, but today, The Biggest Boss has some explaining to do...Uggghhhh!



  1. another lyric that needs explanation: "the square root of a kilo is me nigga"

  2. @ANT

    RE: Had to valet park it, Chanel hoodie onLooking like Treyvon Martin, George Zimmerman I'm wanted

    (CORRECTION) Had to valet park it, Chanel hoodie onLooking like Treyvon Martin, George Zimmerman "DON'T WANT IT"

    meaning he'd take Zimmerman out.

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