Monday, July 16, 2012

Would You Pay $90 Racks For A Yeezy T-Shirt?

New York based artist, Will Fry, has been making a big name for himself with his innovative t-shirt designs. His tee's have been selling out all across the web, especially on eBay, for around $30.

But with his latest design, he's looking for more than a quick couple bucks. Fry has made a limited "Air Yeezy II" shirt (only one is available), that's selling for $90,300. Yes you read that right; $90k for a t-shirt that is covered in pics of the uber-popular sneakers.

For all you Air Yeezy fans who stood in line for weeks trying to get the shoe, are you willing to put up a condo loan for this Yeezy tee? Ball out and click here to buy it (or to prove I'm not lying).